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Five Star Reviews
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  • Very good experience!

    -Steve H.
  • I was really impressed with the layout and decor of the office. The space is very attractive and inviting. The office had a homey feeling while maintaining a very clean environment.

    -Sandra D.
  • Their an amazing group of people and I advise everyone if they have any type of back problems that this place would be their best place to come to.

    -Brandy C.
  • Thanks, I feel better today, no pain! I am sure I will see you again.

    -Jessie W.
  • Great first visit and I am already feeling much better

    -John C.
  • Love the new building!

    -Andrea B.
  • Wonderful people. Great practice. 

    -Corrie S.
  • I enjoyed my first visit and looking forward to more.

    -Beth R.
  • Everyone was very nice and made me feel welcome!

    -Reba L.
  • Outstanding Therapy! Very knowledgeable Dr!

    -Theresa P.
  • Dr. Richard’s is totally awesome! She truly cares about her patient’s and their well being. She is more than a chiropractor, she is a friend, she is family and most importantly she is a true blessing!

    -Amy W.
  • Great first experience in the facility. The staff was extremely friendly, professional, and great at taking care of their assigned responsibilities.

    -Brian E.
  • Great experience – everyone is so helpful and welcoming.

    -Ashley M.
  • Everyone was personable but still professional, love the doggies being there, we wanted to talk to them so badly.

    -Julia M.
  • Everyone was so helpful and friendly upon my arrival and continuing throughout my visit. I was very impressed by the up to date technology and the variety of treatment methods the Dr. Richard’s practice has to offer.

    -Ashley H.
  • So very thankful for being able to get in so quickly on short notice. Friendly staff and super clean office/therapy area. Looking forward to a healthier new year!

    -Kendall H.
  • I look forward to continue a process of improvement.

    -Tony P.
  • Great staff. Very helpful.

    -Star M.
  • Awesome! Dr. Richards explained my shoulder problem and greatly relieved it on the very first visit! I appreciated all the informational conversation during therapy too.

    -Kim W.
  • I’m feeling better already!

    -Janice D.
  • After 3 visits I have experienced a lot of improvement. Thanks!

    -Sumiko S.
  • Dr Richards listen to me and knew that I was nervous and she took her time and fixed things that I didn’t except! She made a believer out of me! I didn’t want my neck touched and she didn’t. I have appointment today and I’m gonna see if she will pop my neck today and get rid of this tension that I have in my neck! She has a wonderful Dr!

    -Michelle J.
  • Experienced improvement after this very first visit which is encouraging.

    -Charles A.
  • I am very happy with the care I have received. I am walking again for the first time in about five years without pain. So very excited and grateful!

    -Julie M.
  • I loved how friendly everyone was. I felt a lot better when I left than when I came in. Thanks

    -Donna M.
  • A pleasant experience all around, thank you.

    -Daryl M.
  • Very helpful, knowledgeable, excited to help me!!

    -Gerald B.
  • Everyone at Advanced Chiropractic was extremely helpful and courteous. After two visit Dr. Richards was able to resolve my problem and I look forward to a long relationship with this office.

    -Jan A.
  • Good equipment, cleanliness, professional and friendly staff!

    -Robert W.
  • I feel better already! Glad my wife found the office

    -Alex M.

I Am Delighted

Smiling, very friendly, warm, welcoming, prompt, respectful of your needs – are just a few comments that come to mind to describe my visits to Advanced Chiropractic. Everyone there is attentive to your health needs, and constantly striving to improve your situation. I am delighted to have found this health care provider and grateful for the treatment. I feel 100% better!

Brad P.

Super Friendly and Great Environment

Everyone was amazing and helpful. They listen to your problem and explain why you have this problem and how they can help to fix it. Super friendly and a great environment! I am excited to go back and for my husband to start going as well!

Chastity K.

I’m So Grateful For The Care

I walked in with excruciating pain in my lower back. Dr. Richards was absolutely amazing at letting me know what was going on with my body and so helpful in wanting to help me feel better. I left the office 1 hour later and could place both feet on the floor and walk normal for the first time in months. I’m so grateful for the care I received on my first visit! I’ll definitely keep going back to Advanced Chiropractic!

Jessica W.

Felt Relief on First Visit!

I am so happy to have found Dr. Richards and her staff. I felt relief on the first visit and can’t wait for my next visit!

Lissa B.

Walked Out 100% Better

It was great to be able to turn my neck and look from the side without it being stiff and painful. Immediate relief when the doctor popped my neck and the massage afterward was amazing. I walked out 100% better and I feel that my adjustments made will help with my migraines.

Danyelle L.

They Really Care!

I was really nervous about my first visit, but they made me feel at ease explaining things every step of the way. They really care! Thanks, Dr. Angela Richards and staff.

Sheila B.

Felt Very Welcome

I felt like the doctor actually cared about me and she listened to all of my concerns. The rest of the staff was very friendly and they were smiling the whole time, which is great to see! I felt very welcome.

Keri A.

Excellent Chiropractic Care

I will be encouraging others to see Dr. Richards for their medical needs as an alternative to their primary care physician. She helped me on the first visit; after I had been seen four times by an ENT specialist without improvement. Chiropractic care supersedes traditional medicine.

Katrina R.

Already Feeling Better

Thanks for today! Sure am going to sleep better tonight and already feeling a lot better! Thanks! have a blessed week, for Each Day is a Gift from God!!

Rita R.

Wonderful Visit

It was a wonderful visit. Staff was friendly. No high pressure to do anything not comfortable with. Explanations were given for adjustment processes. Took time for the visit – not rushed in and out. Very welcoming atmosphere.Wish I had started at this office a long time ago.

Lisa M.

Very Attentive

I greatly appreciate how you (Dr. Richards) were very attentive to my questions, explained what and why you were doing what you were doing, and you have a wonderful staff. I thank you for your expertise and professionalism, and I will be back. Further, I will refer my family and friends to your practice. Thank you.

Rob C.


I am sure glad the nice lady at the Post Office recommended you all. I had an appointment quick and I feel better already. I felt right at home in the office. Dr. Richards is fantastic! She explained everything to me. I was surprised to see all of the high tech gadgets she has at her disposal. I came from the north east and I thought that they were supposed to be the innovators, but they are still in the dark ages compared to Advanced Chiropractic in West Georgia,…Who would think? I am really looking forward to getting my body back in shape with Advanced Chiropractic and Dr. Richards and staff’s help. I all ready feel 20 years younger after my first visit! What’s it going to be like after the second visit and beyond? I can’t wait to go back for my next appointment! Advanced Chiropractic is the answer. I think I have found the “Fountain of Youth” in Tallapoosa, Georgia. WOW! Thanks again you all. You are the BEST!

Donald P.

Very Pleased

Very pleased with my experience. Don’t have to wait a long time to be seen. Staff is very helpful and friendly. Doctor is very knowledgeable, listens thoroughly and explains procedures as she goes. Doesn’t make any promises she can’t keep and doesn’t try to sell you additional products. Would highly recommend!

Ruth C.