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Meet Dr. Ken Calain

As long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a Chiropractor.

When I was in grade school I loved math and science. My parents and my teachers would always mention to others how thoughtful and conscientious I was to others. Some even went as far to say that they could see healing being in my future.

Dr. Ken CalainMy first memory of wanting to become a chiropractor comes from my grandmother. I will never forget when she told me that at the age of 22 she was restricted to a walker and a wheel chair due to her arthritis. She had two small children to care for and did not let anything stop her from living her life. After seeing various doctors with no results, she was eventually referred to a chiropractor.

After a few months she was able to walk without assistance! My grandmother never used that walker again. As a child growing up, I remember she would play with me by golfing, taking long walks and even swimming. I look back now as an adult and cannot believe that this little energetic women was ever stopped by anything let alone a wheelchair.

At that point my life changed.

As a senior in high school I was able to participate in a co-operative training program where I worked for a Chiropractor. His guidance reassured me that I was on the right path. I attended Alderson-Broaddus College for my pre-med, and continued the rest of my training at Life University. During my studies I also participated in the cheerleading squad where I had the opportunity to take part in the Opening Ceremonies of the 1996 Olympic Games. Upon graduation I worked in the Radiology Department at the University. This was very fascinating to me, and my passion for chiropractic grew. I knew I wanted to help members of my community get healthy and stay healthy with Chiropractic care.

I have since lived and practiced in the west Georgia area before moving to Tennessee to practice for the past 7 years. My wife and I, along with our 8 kids, are excited to be back in the Haralson County area! I plan on continuing to work with the Boy Scouts of America program. As a youth I earned my Eagle Scout and was very impressed with how the program enhanced my life. Being involved not only helps my children become better people, it allows me to give back to the community that has been very supportive of me.

Bringing positive energy

I am excited to work with Dr. Richards and become part of the team at Advanced Chiropractic! I am always willing to listen to any issues you may be experiencing and I promise to do my very best in finding and eliminating the CAUSE of your health problems.

Please help me accomplish my dreams of making a difference in our community through chiropractic. I want to help you and others feel the best they can, and educate people on the benefits of chiropractic care.

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